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Making sense of change

To live mindfully is to pay attention to our experience in a way that centers us within the present moment. It is from this space that we begin to live our lives with greater clarity, calm, courage & compassion; often exactly what we need to move through and make sense of the never-ending changes of life.

Inevitably, however, we all get knocked off balance. We stray from the center. We fall away from the path. We lose our way. We get discouraged and frustrated with our inability to stay centered. 

Mindful living then, becomes a practice of returning to our center. A simple practice, that over time gives us the capacity to gracefully move with the uncertainty of life.

Recenter offers weekly support offered through writing, conscious conversations, teachings from philosophy & psychology, guided movement practices, health tips, and creative practices, to help bring you back to center in the midst of the busyness of our modern world. 

With time and dedication to these practices, we become less swayed by the winds of change, pulled by distractions, pushed by fears, and rushed by modern life. Slowly and steadily we settle into the power of the present moment: of living from our center

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Jonathan Mathew

- Jonathan Mathew

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