Free, Me

Show me, let me see.Teach me, let me learn. Guide me, let me follow.Trust me, let me lead. Hold me, let me cry.Fool me, let me laugh. Free me, let me fall.Free, me: let me fly.


I close my eyes … An eclipse,A void.Light is no longerSomething seen,OnlySomething felt. Perhaps it was for meTo learn, to understand,That what light illuminesCan neither be seen,Nor unseen.

Uninterrupted Flow

Uninterrupted Flow,Cultivating a sense of ease. DilationOf the channelThrough which awarenessPours into my senses,Out into the world,And back intoMy heart. Forever unfoldingA crease to each opening,Something leftTo be revealed;Something right.

Tension in Feeling

Tension in feeling like I need to know. Tension in feeling like I ought to know by now. Tension in feeling behind. Tension in feeling like a failure. Tension in wanting things to be the way I want.

If I Could Just Learn

If I could just learn to let things be. I could just learn to let things be. Just learn to let things be. Learn to let things be. To let things be. Let things be. Things be. Be. B. ∞

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