Making Sense of CHange

Finding clarity in the midst of uncertainty

Develop a transformational mindfulness practice
with weekly practice, meditation, & conversation, to help you return to center

To live from our center,
is to live with clarity, courage & compassion;

Often, exactly what we need to make sense of the insecurity & uncertainty we experience during major life changes.

When we practice recentering ourselves in the present moment, we give ourselves the opportunity to live our lives with greater clarity, courage & compassion; often just what we need to make meaningful change.

Recenter Weekly

Center yourself at the start of the week with health tips, mindfulness practices, Yoga, meditations, & conversations to support your mind, body & spirit.

Mindful Writing

Putting pencil to paper can be an extraordinarily powerful way to process difficult emotions, hone our communication, understand ourselves deeply &

Stay centered.
Do not overstretch.
Extend from your center.
Return to your center.

Recenter Audio

Start the week by centering yourself with meditations, health tips, mindfulness practices, philosophy discussion & conscious conversations. All of which help you stay calm & clear amidst the chaos of life.

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