The Nature of Spiritual Community

The spiritual journey often feels like a path we must travel alone.

Solitude and introspection are certainly important parts of connecting to greater understanding. Of learning the truth of one’s self.

However, an often overlooked truth is that other people can actually be our vehicle for awakening.

This is the nature of the guru-devotee relationship.
The nature of a relationship built on unconditional love.
The profundity that comes with parenthood.

When we surround ourselves with a group of supportive, like-minded and like-spirited individuals, we can find our truth in them. through them.

This is the nature of spiritual community.

Of Satsang, a Sanskrit term which means “gathering together for the truth.”
Of Kalyana Mitta, which translates to “admirable friends.”
Of Sangha, which means “community.”

“The next Buddha may be a Sangha.” — Thich Nhat Hanh

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